Thursday, August 28, 2014

Chanel Mirabella

It's not often that you see Chanel promotional photos with any form of nail art so of course I had to recreate this manicure. Mirabella is a true orange creme, resembling the color of carrots. I used two coats of Essie Blanc as the base plus one coat of Mirabella. Though it may look simple, I actually had great difficulty creating this look. The round Chanel brush is not ideal for creating the perfect curve near the cuticles as it doesn't fan out wide enough. I had to carefully clean around the edges using an eyeliner brush. 

No that's not me, that's Lisa Eldridge looking fab with the reversed french manicure. 

Until next time, stay polished! :)

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Revlon Colorstay Mocha

I haven't fully explored the Colorstay line and Revlon is already discontinuing it. Mocha, just as the name suggests, is a milky brown creme. Colors like this are always chic and it definitely satisfied my Chanel Particuliere craving. I applied two coats and the formula was utter PERFECTION. Can the new gel envy line be better than this? 

Until next time, stay polished! :)

Saturday, August 23, 2014

My trip to Hong Kong

I'm feeling nostalgic about my Hong Kong trip last February. I spent my birthday in this vibrant city and now I surely miss it - the cold weather, the yummy food, the whole day walks, the commute, the endless shopping (or window shopping), and the night life just to name a few. I definitely want to go back but for now I only have these photos to remind me of such happy times.

Yes that's me hoarding my favorite thing in the world.

Until next time, stay polished! :)

Friday, August 22, 2014

My Detoxify Bar experience

Like most unhealthy people, I consume a lot of junk throughout the week. Fast food easily becomes the default choice for busy work days. To unwind from all the stress, comfort food + dessert + late night drinks are usually in order. Such is the lifestyle of my generation. 

I was feeling particularly bloated one day when I decided to place an order for Detoxify Bar's one day detox program. I'm no stranger to juicing since my mom has been doing it for twenty years but I have never done a full day detox before. I got five of their assorted bestselling drinks, taken in the following order:

09:00 am - green vegan detox
12:00 pm - minty berry detox
03:00 pm - lemon detox
06:00 pm - red vegan detox
09:00 pm - gold detox

The first drink gave me energy and motivation - a false sense of security that yes it's easy and I can do it. The second drink was the most appealing taste-wise so my satisfaction level was still manageable at the time. The headache started before drink no. 3 which in my opinion is the most difficult to chug down due to all the pepper. By the time drink no. 4 came around, I was already wondering if the detox was a good idea to begin with - outweighing the pros and cons of giving up and just having dinner. This detox is a mental battle just as much as it is physical. With renewed disposition I went straight home after work to avoid temptation and took the last drink. I survived the day but I went to sleep hungry and disoriented with a splitting headache. 

This detox is definitely not for the faint of heart so if you're seriously considering it, here are my personal survival tips:
1. Have a detox partner. It's good to have someone cheer you on during moments of weakness. Suffering is better shared too. 
2. Detox on a weekday. Weekends are often for going out and dining with loved ones so temptation is everywhere. 
3. Keep yourself busy. It's easier to detox while in the office because your work load naturally keeps your mind off things/your tummy.
4. Sleep early. You'll have nothing else to do after that last bottle so why wallow in hanger (anger + hunger)?
5. Drink lots of water. Water is your only friend during this very trying day, keep it close at all times. 
6. Have herbal oil/balm ready. I used Aveda Blue Oil to appease my headache,  you can also use White Flower or something similar. 

The package also comes with two tea sachets, I didn't have time to use them but I'm sure drinking hot tea would help. This organic tea is also available at Healthy Options. 

As for the result, first of all I was surprised I wasn't hungry when I woke up the next day. I definitely felt lighter, like my body was restarted. I'm sure I didn't lose any pounds but the important thing is I absorbed pure nutrients and flushed out toxins. Now comes the hard part of keeping this up. 

So would I recommend the one day detox? Yes and no. I recommend the detox if you feel very unhealthy and your body needs a complete recharge. If you're not fully prepared for the suffering, I suggest just drink green juice every morning for a more sustainable option. 

Until next time, stay polished! :)

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Burberry Oxblood

Oxblood (the color) is huge every fall and is personally one of my favorite shades to wear on my nails. This particular oxblood is the exact same shade of red in the iconic Burberry nova check pattern, making it an ultimate collector's item. Add to that the beautiful packaging with the same nova check etching, I'm definitely sold. 

The formula is on the thicker side so I had to work carefully and patiently with two coats. The extra effort is rewarded though because the end result is just perfection. This is probably my new favorite red. 

The only thing I don't like about this bottle is how tiny it is. Carrying only 8 ml of precious liquid, I already made a noticeable dent after just one use. This makes it a little difficult to justify the $22 price tag. 

Oxblood was part of the original Burberry Beauty release last Fall 2013 and I've been searching for it since then. My friend luckily found it at Saks Fifth Avenue New York. 

Until next time, stay polished! :)