Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Essie Sunday Funday

I'm optimistic that I can keep this blogging thang going so here I am again today. Plus, I couldn't wait until Sunday to show this (mwehehe). 

Essie Sunday Funday (doesn't that name just cheer you up) is a medium tone coral with slight silver shimmer. Sometimes the shimmer appears gold in the bottle. Now we all know that you can't depend on Essie formula but this one was just ok with two coats. 

I have a dozen coral polish but the mixture of warm base and cool shimmer makes this one unique. Under flash the pink undertone comes through. 

A special thank you to Jamie for including this in our nail polish swap!

Until next time, stay polished! :)

China Glaze Pink Voltage

Before summer totally passes me by, here's a snippet from my brief neon obsession. As a first time neon wearer, I never thought I could pull this off. One day I just had a sudden craving for neon pink nail polish (I think Lindsaydoesnails' video is the main culprit, Youtube is such an enabler) so off I went looking. My original plan was to get Shocking Pink but alas they didn't have it so I went home with the next best thing. 

Pink Voltage is a neon hot pink with faint blue shimmer. The formula wasn't as horrible as I expected, it was manageable with two coats. It dries semi matte so a nice shiny top coat will make everything better. 

I generally don't like polish that makes me look tan (what?!) but I have to admit I really like this one. It evokes certain I-want-to-go-to-the-beach thoughts. Once an appalling concept, neon nail polish is now fully acceptable (if not a must!) in my mind. 

So lesson learned? Move out of your comfort zone and try out neons! Now is the perfect time to do it. 

Until next time, stay polished! :)

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Essie Blanc

Hello everyone! I've been so MIA on blogging, I just couldn't find the time! Hopefully this Blogger app works so I can write wherever I am. 

Anyways how hot is it right now??? 36 degrees sheesh! Last year I blogged about how trendy white nails were, well they still are, especially in this scorching weather! Here's one of the more famous white bottles out in the market right now. 

Essie Blanc is a pure white creme. It's opaque in two to three coats so it's perfect for wearing alone or using as a base for nail art. Formula though was horrendous! It pooled, pulled, and streaked all over! You need the type of top coat that melts everything under it to make this manicure decent. If you've got the patience, the end result is simply smashing!

Overall I think this is a good white but definitely there's something better out there! I heard that Chanel Eastern Light has the best formula hmm...

Until next time, stay polished! :)

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Chanel June

I'm alive! Life has been busy lately so here's a cheerful color to make up for my absence!

 photo IMG_0108_zpsda7d47c4.jpg

June was released last spring 2012. It's a juicy light orange, like vitamin c for your nails! The formula's a little sheer so two coats will show some patches. It reminds me a lot of the new OPI Where Did Suzi's Man-Go?

That's it for now folks! Hopefully I'll be able to blog more soon, I've got some fun summer colors lined up!

Until next time, stay polished! :)

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Etude House Play Nail 111

Hello everyone! Spring is well underway as days are getting warmer! Here's a fun polish to jumpstart the pastel season!

 photo IMG_1539_zps903468c8.jpg

The Play Nail is the current polish line from Etude House. I really like the bottle of this one, the brushes are fatter too! #111 is categorized under 'G' for glitter I guess. The base is clear which I love because you can apply it over any color. The glitters are medium to large pastel hexagons. I like that it doesn't have the numerous tiny glitter dots, creating a speckled effect. You can also control the amount of glitter on the brush, I just used one coat over OPI My Very First Knockwurst.

 photo IMG_1529_zps33db85ab.jpg

 photo photo_zps06bc38f4.jpg

 photo IMG_1545_zpsdcdfebf1.jpg

This would be a cute Valentine's Day mani too!

Until next time, stay polished! :)